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Advice and insights from leading journalists at The Times & Sunday Times

What does the programme cover?

The Times and Sunday Times News Literacy programme is a six-lesson course teaching students to think critically when reading the news. Students will learn - by following in the footsteps of real journalists and editors - how to source and critique news, verify facts and question everything and stay well-informed in the digital world. Alongside looking at real stories published by The Times and Sunday Times, students will take part in group discussions with their peers and activities such as speed-debating, Trump Twitter Bingo, and designing a front page.

  • The importance of journalism
  • Sourcing and critiquing news
  • Using real-world examples

What lessons are included?

Introduction to News Literacy

  • Question everything
  • Know fact from fake
  • Think like a journalist

Your News

  • Think critically about where news comes from
  • Question the role of social media in news discovery
  • Are my sources credible?

News and Opinion

  • Learn the differences between news and opinion writing
  • Develop and challenge opinions by speed-debating
  • What is bias?

What is news?

  • Follow how The Times and The Sunday Times reported the Grenfell Tower fire story
  • Create a news bulletin
  • Spot the difference between fake stories and questionable claims

Investigative journalism

  • Follow in the footsteps of a crime correspondent
  • What does it take to uncover the truth?
  • What makes a story worth investigating?

No news is bad news

  • Think about the role the media plays in society
  • How do journalists and editors decide the top story for the day?
  • Design and write your own front page


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